Fit Factor X

Silver plan

90 days is crucial time period to get you started on a workout plan and maintain the progress. Every day counts and I understand that it is hard for everyone to manage time for fitness activities. However, all the hard work will pay off at the end of this 90-day journey! Track your progress and make sure you stay motivated by rewarding yourself with something special when you hit milestones in your journey. Stay healthy and keep up the hard work! Best of luck!

Plan Includes

  • A step-by-step workout plan to build muscle and athleticism fast Personalized fitness plan with video demonstrations & instructions to perform

  • Nutrition guidelines to shed fat and refine your physique One on one coaching

  • Mindset coaching to breakthrough mental barriers holding you back Regular progress check-ins

  • Accountability from a personal coach invested in your success

  • A tribe of likeminded men committed to excellence 24/7 chat support

  • And so much more...

How it works

  • Purchase the plan
  • Complete onboarding questionnaire after logging into the app
  • Your personalised schedule is made available in the app in 24-48 hrs
  • Follow workouts, log nutrition and other metrics
  • Connect with me in case of any queries via in-app chat or 1-1 video calls




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