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You are unique, and so should be your fitness journey. I am here to help you achieve your goals through the most personalised training experience possible. Fitness is more than just workouts - what you do, what you eat, how you feel, how you sleep - everything is equally important. Together, you and I will focus on all aspects of your health. Whether you are at home, in the gym, or on the road - I will be part of your fitness journey. I will be there to guide you through tough times, to check your form on video calls, to celebrate your wins, and to be on top of all the last-minute schedule changes.

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Personalised Schedule

Transform your fitness journey with an exclusive training program designed specifically for you to achieve your goals. Your personalized schedule will include workouts, meal plans, hydration as well as activity goals.

Dynamic Workout Routines

Enjoy a variety of exercises - all suited to your style. Whether you want to sculpt your body or lose fat, workout at home or gym, with or without equipment, beginner or advanced level - there's something for everyone.

Success Stories

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My Plans

Silver plan

Silver plan

90 days is crucial time period to get you started on a workout plan and maintain the progress. Every day counts and I understand that it is hard for everyone to manage time for fitness activities. However, all the hard work will pay off at the end of this 90-day journey! Track your progress and make sure you stay motivated by rewarding yourself with something special when you hit milestones in your journey. Stay healthy and keep up the hard work! Best of luck!

A step-by-step workout plan to build muscle and athleticism fast Personalized fitness plan with video demonstrations & instructions to perform

Nutrition guidelines to shed fat and refine your physique One on one coaching

Mindset coaching to breakthrough mental barriers holding you back Regular progress check-ins

Accountability from a personal coach invested in your success

A tribe of likeminded men committed to excellence 24/7 chat support

And so much more...

12 Week strength training

12 Week strength training

If your new to the gym, this 12 week strength training transformation program will give the baseline exercises you need to acquire your dream aesthetic.

12 week workout plan

for 3 Months
Axis 8-week program bldg 11 gym routine

Axis 8-week program bldg 11 gym routine

Tired of aimless workouts? Our tailored fitness routine optimized for Axis residents will upgrade your gym experience. Enjoy specialized programming and expert guidance for using our fitness center.

Daily workout with instruction

Follow the format, ensuring a structured and focused workout.

Suitable for all fitness levels.

24/7 Chat access

for 1 Week
21 days Kickstarter

21 days Kickstarter

This 21 days program is designed to kick start your health journey using a simple nutritious diet plan and basic exercises using minimal equipment!

Video demonstrations & instructions to perform exercises

Regular progress check-ins

Daily workout and nutrition logging in the app

24/7 chat support

for 3 Weeks
Get "Shredded"

Get "Shredded"

A gym based program to help you lose weight and body fat whilst gaining muscle tone and strength and improving fitness levels. Get "shredded" now!

Personalised fitness plan with video demonstrations & instructions to perform

Personalised meal plan & recipes

Regular progress check-ins

Regular updates in plans based on your progress

24/7 chat support

for 8 Weeks

Mike Strong

Fitness coach

With over 10 years of experience, I've trained all types of clients, from recreational athletes to post-rehab patients to weekend warriors. No two people, or bodies, are exactly alike - that's what makes working with such diverse clients so rewarding! I ensure you always feel supported and motivated by tailoring training to suit you and your body. My specific areas of expertise include: Athlete conditioning (from marathon training to strength for sports like tennis and basketball) Injury recovery and prehab Nutrition coaching and custom meal plans Mind-body routines to balance strength and flexibility If you're ready to become the healthiest version of yourself with guidance uniquely personalized to you and your needs, I'd love to meet you for a free consultation. I'm eager to develop a customized game plan to help you move, fuel, and feel better!

Mike Strong

Complete personalised fitness solution

One-to-one Video Calls

Connect with me over one-to-one video calls to discuss your goals, progress, techniques and more.

Compliance Tracking

Build long term healthy habits with weekly and monthly compliance trends for workouts, nutrition and everything else.

Wearable Integration

Connect your wearable device with the app to track your daily activity levels and workout metrics like heart rate and calories burnt.

Weekly Check-ins

Check-in with weekly photos and measurements to keep track of your progress. Make amends whenever required.

Personalised Workouts

Get frequent tweaks on your workout plan based on your heart rate, feedback and of course, your schedule & preferences.

Customised Nutrition

Get meal plans based on your dietary preferences. I will constantly update your plan to ensure you get to eat what you like while keeping it healthy.

Fall in love with fitness

Meet the stronger, faster, and more confident version of yourself.